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We have made

a promise to do

everything for a


In fact 'Vovi' means to promise in latin. What a coincidence right?

Where we live
Our mantra


In our view, it means being thoughtful of our impact on the planet and ensuring every marketing decision has a strong rationale.

We're passionate about making a positive impact through helping conscious companies achieve their goals. We differentiate ourselves by going the extra mile to achieve results for our clients.

Plants are also our thing - like really our thing.

Our team

Big character. Big ambition. Multi-talented creatives in all shapes and sizes.

Alex Rook


Ella Murray


Hubert Osborne


Izzy Carro


Mamie Nicolle


Tom Jones


Sustainably different.

From internal practices, to the clients we work with, Vovi strives to make a positive impact in everything we do.


We have partnered with TreeNation to offset all of our C02 emissions also dedicating 5% of our revenue towards the reforestation and re-wilding of devastated ecosystems around the world.


Vovi also has partnered with Provenance, a blockchain technology powered transparency platform, to help our brands and clients build customer trust through effective supply chain mapping.

We're heading for 100% carbon neutral.

And we're nearly there. From reducing our usage of paper (recycled :) and friendly ink to offsetting the emissions from our website. We offset the carbon from powering our websites, servers and things... So keep on clicking, plant those trees!