The world is changing fast.

We help you keep up.

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Our values

Love what
you do...

The best work is done by talented creative people working on projects they themselves are passionate about.

and who
you do it for

Working with companies who have values beyond profit, motivates us to go the extra mile with every piece of work.

Be thoughtful of people & planet

We work towards making a measurable impact on the world around us. Everything we do  passes our criteria of social and environmental responsibility. Keep it green.

Never stop

We challenge team members to constantly develop new skills so that they are always gaining new perspective.

Keep things
moving, constantly

You must evolve to stay ahead. From what we do, how we do it and who we do it with, we adapt to deliver results and happy clients.

Our team

The people

that make it happen

Alex RookAlex Rook

Alex Rook

Ella MurrayElla Murray

Ella Murray

Head of Website
Tom JonesTom Jones

Tom Jones

Creative Director
Lily DrydenLily Dryden

Lily Dryden

Ella Dee Fusco FaggElla Dee Fusco Fagg

Ella Dee Fusco Fagg

Account Manager
Sami AbderrezakSami Abderrezak

Sami Abderrezak

Dimitra VyzantiadouDimitra Vyzantiadou

Dimitra Vyzantiadou

Design & Animation
Mattia ChiesaMattia Chiesa

Mattia Chiesa

Senior Webflow Developer
Nima AmamiNima Amami

Nima Amami

Senior Designer
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Our impact

From how we work to the people we work with, Vovi strives to encourage and promote sustainable practices in everything we do.

and preach

We encourage our clients to constantly improve on their sustainability and to give back through their marketing and message.

Target zero approach

Simple things matter. We ensure the practical running of our office and execution of our work is as close to zero-waste as possible.

is believing

We've partnered with Provenance, a blockchain-powered transparency platform, to help our brands and clients build customer trust through effective supply chain mapping.

The growing
forest of Vovi

TreeNation helps us to not only offset all of our C02 emissions but plant on behalf of our clients and team. Saplings are planted through a variety of reforestation and re-wilding of devastated ecosystems around the world.

Giving back to
those who need it

Each year our team take on 2 to 3 larger scale pro-bono projects, lending our skills and experience to those who really need it, creating lasting value beyond a simple donation.