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The Client

TapSimple is on a mission to empower the generous to give more, through contactless donation technology. They help charities fundraise in an increasingly cashless world securing over £1m to realise this.

What we did
Brand Identity
Paid social
Email Campaigns
Print Collateral
Website Design
The Brief

Vovi was tasked with developing everything TapSimple, from day 1. From the brand and initial holding page, right the way through to their increasingly complex charity and funding dashboard and social video content and communications. At Vovi, we live and breathe TapSimple.

Key stats


TapSimple is a technology that brings joy into the lives of those receiving donations so we immediately sought to illustrate that feeling. Bright colour engage and provide ample flexibility - but most importantly bring a smile to those who come across it.

A Cheerful Bundle

Taking inspiration from charity sectors, we produced a series of colourful icons to spread throughout their collateral.

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We wanted to make the most credible and simple experience for users; something that brings joy to the user and brightens up their day. The core was to ensure each user can quickly understand what TapSimple do, how they do it and who it's for.

The gradient is strong with this one.

On text, backgrounds and the icons, subtle gradients brought that extra level of playful polish.

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Mobile UX

We sought to bring TapSimple 'joy' into the hands of fundraisers in a speedy handheld experience. Prioritising reducing 'time to donate' to keep things moving and the promoting Gift Aid was is the core to the brief. Gift Aid is enormously important for charities to gain extra support from the government and often a sticking point in a UX flow.

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Dashboard Design

The dashboard provides an advanced roster of analytics enhanced fundraising tools to get to the centre of charitable donations. We focused on a providing a simple, data forward user experience focusing on requested stats from charities, and making analysis an interactive and joyful experience.

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