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Responsible Power

Landscape image of the new Safari Drive branding on a Land cruiser in Namibia
The Client

Responsible Power was established to help hotel business owners and managers reduce their utility bills through a combination of highly specified engineering experience and an innovative energy monitoring dashboard. Reducing your carbon footprint isn't just for marketing.

What we did
Brand Identity
Website Design
The Brief

Following on from years of development and research, Responsible Power have cracked the code to reducing astronomical energy bills to numbers you can smile at - they wanted a brand and website they could make a similar impact with. Using pithy, direct statements and a slew of bright engaging greens, we've sought to capture attentions, and persuade hotels to 'Join the Green Revolution'.

Key stats


Responsible Power is B2B focused, in this case large hotel owners and chains, as a result the end user requiring a more specific and tapered level of understanding and analysis to be targeted. Making an impact in this market is one thing but ensuring the brand continues to come across as experienced and reliable, and able to convert a more attentive customer is something entirely different. We approached this rebrand with a notion of 'revolution' - direct, inspiring, motivation to a cause. For Responsible Power this was to slash energy bills and boost green ratings - definitely something to shout about.

We devised a mark taking the core elements from the previous brand and emboldening the appearance. The result was a multifaceted stamp to symbolise the 'Green Revolution' and one customers would be happy to display on their hotels and websites.

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