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Our Favourite Moments from this Year’s Earth Day Stream

Our Favourite Moments from this Year’s Earth Day Stream

The best moments from the Earth Day stream in 10 mins.

World Earth Day is observed every year on April 22 to create awareness about pollution and to celebrate the environment of the blue planet. The day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. This year on Earth Day, we tuned in to the proceedings in the Vovi office and heard so many incredibly enlightening and fascinating conversations. The stream is 7 hours long and so for those who didn’t mange to catch it - we have made a list of the timecode of our favourite moments.

Unmissable clips (10 mins watch time)

34:00 an address from the pope on the needs to be stewards of the planet.

49:50 fascinating infographic on HD videos and carbon emissions.

02:32 The second agricultural revolution - a fascinating look at the future of farming.

03:50 Climeworks - the company that is directly working to reverse climate change by cleaning the planet’s air.

Honorable Mentions:

0-30 mins. Search to find out what indigenous people’s land you might be on - and to learn about the cultural history of the place you live.

1:00 trailer for 8 billion angels.

1:24 Canopy project - an inspiring story about planting trees in central Mexico.

03:59 The electrification of aviation.

04:58 A song called In Your Eyes - Consciens the MC, Lonnie Park, Aaron Kumar. We guarantee that you won’t have heard anything like this.

05:18 An inspiring story of a beauty company looking to make sustainably sourced products the norm.

Alex Rook
Alex Rook
Apr 23
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